Mentorship Programme
Breaking down barriers and democratising tech leadership.
Mentorship Programme
Breaking down barriers and democratising tech leadership.
We select ambitious developers.
We seek out the next-generation leaders.
No matter where you are from.

Turing Talent Mentorship Programme transforms your trajectory by pairing you with established tech industry leaders.

Mentors are CTOs and tech leaders. They will share their own knowledge and experience to personally guide you to fulfill your full potential.
We are looking for mentees who will leverage what they gain from the mentorship and create maximum positive impact.

So we are looking for people who:
1. Exhibit high leadership potential. We refer to leadership in the broadest sense: the action of leading a group or an organisation to create positive impact. Be it at work, in society or at school. We evaluate one's track record as well as aspirations.
2. Are hungry for learning opportunities and have a growth mindset

Application closes at midnight GMT, June 9th 2019.
Selection results announced by midnight GMT, June 25th 2019

Mentor Highlight
Dan Hardiker
Cofounder & CTO
Dan is Chief Technical Officer of Adaptavist, which specialises in Atlassian consultancy, support, application management and bespoke development. He brings 10+ years of experience with Atlassian software, Java expertise, and two decades working with UNIX and networking systems - with a focus on infrastructure, performance, and security.

He founded Adaptavist as a fully distributed company from day 1. Today Adapatavist has 200 employees across 3 continents.

Dan regularly speaks on his experience and expertise at both niche and major industry conferences - such as Devoxx, TheServerSide Java Symposium, Java User Groups, Atlassian User Groups.

Dan also works with enabling geeks to socialise throughout the UK via the GeekUp, BarCamp and similar initiatives.

Check out Dan's blog here.

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