Turing Talent
Tech Graduate Programme
Rocket fuel your career in tech.
Cultivate your leadership potential.
Turing Talent
Tech Graduate Programme
Rocket fuel your career in tech.
Cultivate your leadership potential.
Turing Leap is a 2-year programme for ambituous graduates to
launch their career in tech.

It is a different kind of graduate programme, designed to create
the next-generation of leaders in the sector.
Applications are now open to all final year undergraduates, postgraduates and PhDs. It is free to apply.
We hire on a first-come, first-served basis.
Benefits for YOU
Continuous training and development in interpersonal and leadership skills
Work with the UK and Europe's most exciting tech companies

Join a high-calibre international peer network

With graduates from top universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, and more.
1-on-1 mentorship from CTOs and tech leaders
How it works
Application Process
1. Initial interview phone call
2. Online technical assessment
3. You will interview with potential placement positions suitable for you, according to your preference.

If successful, you will be accepted into the programme.
Initial Training
Receive a free intensive 2-4 week training course covering technical, business, and interpersonal skills.
After you receive an offer from a placement company and you have accepted it, you will be placed at the company as a Turing Talent Consultant.
Continous Development
You will be matched with a mentor with whom you will agree a mentorship schedule.
You will receive leadership development training together with your Turing Talent peers on a monthly basis through the 2-year programme.
What salary do you offer?
Market competiteve GBP25K - 40K per year, depending on roles.
Where is the job based?
On client sites - in London, other cities in the UK, or in Europe.
What kind of roles are available?
A range of technical and non-technical roles including:
Data Engineers
Data Scientists
Sales Engineers
Software Developers
Product Managers
Business Analysts

What kinds of companies will I be working with?
Our client companies are in the following sectors:
B2B software
Financial Services or Fintech
Internet of Things
Retail or e-commerce

They tend to be high-growth tech companies. Though there are also large companies who are looking to hire for their technology departments.

If you succeed at client interviews, you will be able to join one of these companies full time.
What if I don't like the company where I'm placed?
If things don't work out, after an initial minimum period, you are able to change to other companies that suit your interest and skillset better. We will endeavour to help you find your next placement company. In the meantime, you always have the safety net of Turing Talent, and you will continue to receive salary.
I really want to work at a startup. What if the startup I choose to work at goes bankrupt?

Being part of the Turing Talent program means that you will always have a safety net. You will continuously be paid salary whilst we help you find the next company to place you. The best of both worlds.
What happens after 2 years when the programme ends?
You are free to choose to continue as a senior consultant at Turing Talent, work directly at the client company where you have been working, or choose a different career path altogether. The world is your oyster now that you have 2 years of solid experience under your belt.
Turing Talent is highly selective. Can you tell us about your candidate selection philosophy?
A successful Turing Talent applicant:
1. Exhibits high leadership potential. We refer to leadership in the broadest sense: the action of leading a group or an organisation to create positive impact. Be it in society, at school or in a business / professional setting. We evaluate one's track record as well as aspirations.
2. Is hungry for learning opportunities and has a growth mindset.

Turing Talent was founded by alumni of Cambridge and Oxford Universities. It is a team made up of former CEOs, CTOs, tech
leaders in the industry and world-renowned professors
in the field of Computer Science.

Our vision is to create the next generation of diverse technical
leaders, and that vision starts with you. We strongly encourage
all to apply regardless of background.
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