A Happy Home for Engineers

Why Turing Talent

We help companies ‘build their own’ remote technical teams in our European hubs. You get the benefits of being a full-time employee of the company where you’re working, as well as being part of a local, high-calibre Turing Talent community.

More than a Job

Once you’re part of Turing Talent, you’ll have access to a range of benefits and perks that will help you advance your career.

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Career Acceleration
  • Soft skills and leadership development programme that will help you fulfill your potential
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Life Work Balance
  • Child care for parents of pre-school children
  • Personalised mentoring programme
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  • Friends for life: Build a high-calibre network of fellow engineers and data scientists
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Give Back
  • Opportunities to give back
  • Coaching
  • Contributing to open source projects

Application Process

  1. Apply to Turing Talent
  2. Take the coding challenge, which is designed for your specialisation
  3. An online video call so we get to know you better as a person
  4. Start getting matched with suitable companies
We strive to be respectful of your time and effort by providing you feedback early and often.