Your questions answered.

What is the testing/assessment process like?

1. Pre-screen

We pre-screen based on your resume. We may invite you for an online coding test. If you don't make it through our pre-screen in the first instance we may offer coaching to help some of you get over the bar. We believe in unlocking potential, after all.

2. Company interviews

For candidates who make it through the pre-screen, we will share your profile with our participating companies. They will choose who to interview based on roles they need to fill. At this stage, you will know exactly which companies you are interviewing with.

3. Offer

After interviews, companies will make offers. If you receive multiple offers, you are free to choose which to accept. If you accept an offer – congratulations! You will formally become part of the Turing Talent programme.

4. Onboarding

For applicants who are not based in the country of the host company, we will be in touch to help you with relocation and provide the required visa.

Are there any required qualifications that I should have?

We do not require formal qualifications, as long as you can demonstrate programming proficiency. We are very enthusiastic about self-taught programmers.

What do we look for in a successful candidate?

1. Attitude and ability towards learning. We want to see evidence that you have the foundation to be a proficient software engineer. However, you do not need to be a coding rock star – much more important is hunger for continuous learning.

2. Leadership potential: We are looking for people who are interested in more than coding, eg. working in teams, communication and interpersonal skills.

3. Global outlook: Turing Talent believes in helping people grow through working in a global setting. This includes living in a new city and working alongside people with different backgrounds. Candidates need to be open minded to this experience.

What is the interview process like?

You will be interviewed in two rounds. First a screening by the Turing Talent team and then by the chosen TechCo. The latter process will vary company by company but the Turing Talent interviews focus on (i) technical aptitude and potential (ii) interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills and (iii) motivation.

What do I need for a great application?

1. Keep itconcise. Key words rather than long descriptive sentences. Your resume should be no more than 2 pages.

2. Be specific - What exactly did you build? What technologies did you use? What outcomes did you achieve?

3. Provide examples to showcase your programming capability and passion for technology, be it from personal projects, internships, hackathons, etc. Include Github links or equivalent if possible.

4. Include examples of interpersonal skills and problem solving skills outside of technical work, to give a fuller picture of you as a person.

What is the salary range for the jobs?

Salary for the allocated positions are highly competitive, always above home market compensation for an equivalent role. We always take your experience and aptitude into consideration.

Why do tech companies want to take on Turing Talent fellows?

The companies we work with all share our philosophy that (i) the dominant channels for finding talent miss a huge pool of high potential and diverse candidates and (ii) a more diverse workforce is better for the company. We help them find that talent, and support the development of Turing Fellows to ensure success in their jobs.

I am a '……..' national, am I eligible for this scheme?

Candidates must have work authorisation for the country in which their hub is located.

What is the mentorship aspect of the program like?

You will be matched with an aspirational mentor outside of your host company that best aligns with your interests and career development goals. Candidates must have work authorisation for the country in which their hub is located.

Do you teach code/tech skills?

We currently do not, however we have partnered with fantastic organisations that offer training in Europe, the US and remotely. For further information please send a message through our contact page.

Do I need to know how to code?

Generally for software engineers yes and for our data scientists no. However we're focus on the holistic ability of our applicants so do not let your coding limitations deter you from applying. For more information on our requirements please refer to our candidate page.