About Us

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We're changing that, in

tech at least.

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Meet the Founders

 They're creating a company they wished they had throughout their



Corinne Sawers


8+ years using markets for impact. Co-founder of disruptive political start up More United. Amateur aerial circus artist. 
Previously: McKinsey, Oxford, LSE, INSEAD.


Christina Chen


Geek at heart. 
Previously: Cambridge, Scalized, HgCapital, DN

Meet our Advisors

Our advisors are working hard to encourage and include a more

reflective and diverse kind of leadership in the tech sector.


Daniel Bernhardt


Software Engineering Manager @Facebook. Daniel is passionate about inspiring the next generation, regularly speaking at universities about applied technical challenges and sharing his experiences of working in a range of global tech hubs, including Silicon Valley, Beijing, Boston, London, Seattle and Zurich.

He worked on NLP on massively-distributed with low-latency, and is shipping adversarial ML using Haskell.


John Crowcroft


Computer Science Professor at Cambridge University.
A Fellow @The Royal Society, @The ACM, @The British Computer Society, @The IEEE, @The Royal Academy of Engineering, @The Institute of Engineering and Technology and @The Alan Turing Institute of Data Science.
Jon is one of the masterminds behind the creation of Raspberry Pi, a $5 computer that enables teaching of basic computer science in underprivileged schools in developing countries.