Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are changing that.


Christina Chen
Responsible for all things talent facing
Software-engineer-turned-VC-turned-entrepreneur. 10 years in the tech industry. Geek at heart.
Previously: Cambridge, Scalized, HgCapital, DN.
Corinne Sawers
Responsible for all things company facing
8+ years using markets for impact. Co-founder of disruptive political start up More United. Amateur aerial circus artist.
Previously: McKinsey, Oxford, LSE, INSEAD.


Jane Butler
Formerly CTO of Cisco
Jane is a truly phenomenal and inspirational female leader in the technology world. She’s currently the Vice-Dean Enterprise at UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences.
Jane is also an avid advocate of women and diversity in technology and STEM subjects.
Jon Crowcroft
CS Professor at Cambridge University
Jon is one of the most respected figures in computer science. He’s a Fellow at The Royal Society, The ACM, The IEEE, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Institute of Engineering and Technology, The Alan Turing Institute - just to name a few.
Jon is also one of the masterminds behind the Raspberry Pi - a $5 computer that changed many lives in underprivileged regions.
Daniel Bernhardt
Software Engineering Manager at Facebook
Formerly @Microsft @Google. Daniel brings a wealth of experience in building and nurturing highly effective and collaborative engineering teams.
He regularly speaks at universities to inspire the next generation about applied technical challenges.