How to Apply?
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How do I apply?
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Please note that Turing Talent takes Equal Employment Opportunity seriously and we do not discriminate any candidate on the basis of nationality, race, colour, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability or genetic information.
What are the application requirements?
You can find the full details here.
What do we look for in a successful candidate?
1. Attitude and ability towards learning. We want to see evidence that you have the foundation to be a proficient software engineer or data scientist. However, you do not need to be a coding rock star – we find it much more important to have an incessant drive for continuous learning.

2. Leadership potential: We are looking for well rounded people - or people that have the potential to be. Efficient communications, interpersonal skills or even simply dynamic hobbies are all key features that we look out for.

3. Global outlook:
Turing Talent believes in helping people grow through working in a global setting. This includes living in a new city and working alongside people with different backgrounds. Candidates need to be open minded to this experience.
How does the application process work?
1. Pre-screen
We pre-screen based on your CV and cover letter. We MAY invite you for a coding test.
If you don't make it through our pre-screen in the first instance we may offer coaching to help you get over the bar. We believe in unlocking potential, after all.

2. Company interviews
For candidates who make it through the pre-screen, we will share your profile with our participating companies. They will choose who to interview based on roles they need to fill.

3. Offer
After interviews, companies will make offers. If you receive multiple offers, you are free to choose which to accept. If you accept an offer – congratulations! You will formally become part of the Turing Talent programme.

4. Onboarding
For applicants who are not based in the country of the host company, we will be in touch to help you with relocation and provide the required visa.
Visa Requirements

Currently, we can sponsor visas for British, Irish, German, Polish and Spanish nationals. We are working hard to extend our support to many more nationalities – we will provide updates regularly through our newsletter.

If you're not sure and for any other visa-related questions, please email us at
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